When it comes to healthcare public relations, we are somewhat different from other health PR agencies.

We stand apart from other consultancies for the following reasons:

  • Our journalist-led media relations expertise
  • Our social media know-how
  • Our knowledge of web marketing and digital PR
  • Our content marketing capabilities

As a healthcare public relations agency, we employ more trained journalists than any of our rivals. It means we are able to deliver coverage in the print, broadcast and internet media that other health PR agencies can only dream about. 

The social media is our health communications playground and when it comes to reaching every audience - consumers to healthcare professionals - sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are our natural habitat.

We can help you spark meaningful conversations on all social platforms to drive interaction with patients, consumers and HCPs.

Our intimate knowledge of web marketing gives our clients the edge as we harness digital PR, search and content marketing campaigns to drive individuals to websites or empower them to discover health brands for themselves.