We use every colour in the PR paint box to create integrated communications campaigns that build health, wellness, lifestyle and beauty brands.

We stand apart from other health communications consultancies because:

  • We employ more journalists than most newspapers.
  • Of our social media know-how.
  • Of our knowledge of digital and mobile marketing.
  • Our content creation and content marketing capabilities.


We use data analysis and communications expertise to ensure you reach every audience that’s important to you – HCPs, patients and consumers – on the media platforms with which they are most comfortable.

Facebook – we’ve got it covered.

Mainstream media – it’s our bread and butter.

Broadcast media – we know it like the back of our hand.

Health journals – they’re our natural environment.


We make consumers aware of everything from medical and medicine research to the new wellness products coming to market.

Our consumer health campaigns are totally integrated. We join up PR, digital, social, creative and content to make an impact.

Our campaigns are commercially focused, fueling demand for a vast range of health and fitness products, OTC medicines and wellness services.


We can help you achieve behavioural change. Our experience spans diet, smoking, responsible drinking, exercise and healthy living in general.

Our joined up marketing and communications campaigns reach the biggest audiences and speak to the hearts and minds of individuals.

We do everything from creating websites, videos and content to driving inspirational stories across every media channel.


We are leaders in the field of corporate health communications and investor relations. We build the corporate profile of healthcare brands, keep investors informed and analysts onside.

We thrive on calendar announcements and off-diary promotional opportunities.

We also manage corporate reputations, manage crisis situations and develop effective issues management plans.   

For corporate health communications, we are the Only brand to speak to.


We recruit patients for research programmes in the UK and around the world using the power of media relations, events, traditional and online marketing and mobile media.

Of course, we’ll interrogate data in the first place to locate patients and we’ll use the analysis to decide on the most effective channels to reach them.  

Tell us your requirements and we will create a bespoke strategy and implement it to deliver the number and quality of candidates you require within a fixed budget.



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