Direct Marketing For The Health Sector

Direct marketing campaigns are as old as the NHS.

And like the health service it is still highly effective.

Whether you are targeting health care professionals or consumers with direct marketing, a well-maintained and highly focused contacts list is the foundation of each and every campaign.

We maintain our own highly-honed lists of professionals within the healthcare sector and we work with trusted partners such as Experian to supply bespoke lists that will meet your every need.

With the foundation in place, our creative team can get to work producing action-provoking sales letters and promotional material.

Healthcare direct marketing is particularly successful because the subject matter often demands high levels of supporting detail.

Our copywriters are the best in the health and well-being sector and, whether they are focusing on the ethical or consumer market, we can guarantee you will be impressed by their output - be it leaflets, brochures, letters, postcards or emails.

Our response handling spans email, snailmail, SMS text messaging and, of course, call handling from our specialist health and wellbeing call centre.

Give us a call and we will work with you to devise a campaign that will produce remarkable returns for your marketing spend.