Content Marketing

Nowhere is content marketing more effective than when it comes to promoting wellbeing and healthcare.

Authoritative articles, informative videos, interesting newsletters, thought-provoking blogs, and call-to-action webcasts are the perfect answer.

Healthcare content marketing is so much more subtle than advertising, and probably more effective than a health professional preaching to a patient.


Because content marketing relies on the patient discovering the video, white paper or article for themselves and then deciding to take action – visiting an informative website or seeking an appointment with a doctor or nurse.

The healthcare content marketing team at Only Health can:  

  • Plan content marketing strategies
  • Create original content which persuades consumers to take the next step
  • Distribute content across new and old media platforms
  • Create destination websites where patients and consumers can get more information
  • Evaluate on-going results of a content marketing campaign  

Our content marketing team comprises film makers, health education writers, broadcasters, programmers, designers, developers and animators.

We can produce any content you can imagine – magazines, white papers, videos, events, roadshows, exhibitions, leaflets, health education virals and mobile apps to name but a few.

We produce content for any market – men, women and kids of all ages and ethnic groups.