We’re here to help healthcare, lifestyle and wellness brands facing crisis situations.

We have an enviable track record of protecting brands confronted with a media or communications crisis.

We usually help brands survive with their reputations intact.

Sometimes the situation is so grave that our focus is on damage limitation followed by a period of reputation restoration.

Whatever crisis you are facing, you’ll emerge stronger with us on your side.

Our crisis hotline 0800 612 9890 is operational 24/7 and our team of experts are standing by to provide immediate advice and guidance.


The No1 rule of crisis management is – face up to it. Don’t stick your head in the sand.

We manage crisis situations every day in life and we can promise you – nothing fazes us.

We have helped pharmaceutical, health and wellness clients with every communications crisis imaginable including product recalls, food poisoning outbreaks, redundancies, media investigations and patient class actions.

Staff misconduct, fatal accidents, strikes and industrial action, government and professional body investigations and allegations of nursing, clinical and surgical neglect are just some of the incidents we have covered.


Corporate Counsel: Got an issue? As outsiders, you will find we bring perspective and provide wise advice.

Crisis Communications: We handle all aspects of healthcare PR, communicating with the media, employees, investors, suppliers, governing bodies and the Government.

Crisis Management: First we listen, then we plan, then we swing into action, managing every facet of the PR crisis to ensure minimal damage.

Crisis Planning: You hope it will never happen, but world class health and pharmaceutical brands always have an up-to-date crisis plan in place. Just in case.

Crisis Support: We provide a lot more than healthcare crisis communications services. Our wider team includes media lawyers, forensic accountants, HR experts and experienced psychologists.


Crisis Training: We train employees in crisis planning, risk assessment, crisis communications and crisis simulations.

Employee Communications: We advise you on when to talk and when to stay silent. We can help you with what to say to your workers and how to say it.

External Communications: It may be important to get patients, clients, investors and public figures onside. We ensure you deliver word-perfect messages to all external audiences to rally support when it matters most.

Issues Management: We can help you deal with issues before they develop into a crisis, averting disaster.

Media Monitoring: We can find out what's being said about you in traditional media or the internet, and alert you. Our people are on hand to react before criticism or negative comment turns into a crisis.


Media Relations: We employ lots of former journalists. It’s why so many blue chip companies turn to Only for media relations and media management when times get tough.

Media Training: In a crisis, it’s essential to get your message across loud and clear. We can prepare you to broadcast your messages effectively.

Web Management: What’s uploaded onto the internet stays there. If claims about your brand are not true, we’ll get it removed completely or made less visible.

Social Media: We are experts when it comes to dampening the flames and putting out social media fires.   

Our healthcare PR and crisis support hotline is manned 24/7. If you need advice, call us on 0800 612 9890.



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