Most of us check out property websites when we are thinking about buying a home, finding a builder, renting an office, choosing an architect or leasing a retail unit.

Whatever our property needs, the first place we go to for information is a property website.

Here are the top five essential elements of property websites:

  1. They need to be easily found when prospects search. That means visibility on Page 1 of Google and other key search engines. If web pages are not at the top for natural search you need to invest in PPC.
  2. They need to look good. How can a down-at-heel website showcase outstanding properties? Property websites need to have lots of pictures and include video footage, if possible.
  3. They need to download quickly. No one has time to hang around for slow-loading pages to appear.
  4. They need to be easy to navigate. That means having navigation buttons in the same place and where people expect to see them.
  5. They must clearly display contact information on every page. That means an email address and a phone number. Display opening times if you are operating sales offices or show homes.

We engineer websites that are built to get to the top of the search engines. All our websites look good and showcase properties to best effect.

Every page on our property websites download quickly and they are simple to navigate. It may be trendy to have navigation buttons where website visitors don’t expect to see them but that only leads to visitor frustration.

The whole purpose of a website is to encourage visitors to seek further information that why our clients’ contact details are prominently displayed on all our property websites.


For further information about our property website design services, please contact David Reid on 0800 612 9890.