Social media outreach has a key role to play whether you are driving a community consultation project or spearheading a marketing campaign for a new housing development.

As a property communications agency, our social media team has all platforms covered not only Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

We use the most appropriate platform for what our clients want to achieve. For instance, nothing beats Facebook when it comes to mobilising community support for a planned development.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is perfect for highlighting the attractions of different house styles or new housing developments.

Twitter leads the way when it comes to breaking news about property investments and construction jobs that will be created if a particular development goes ahead.

If it’s to do with commercial property, Linkedin would be our chosen platform. Using Linkedin, we can reach out to the brands you would like to attract to a particular development, we can also build strong relationships with all of the key decision makers.

Our Linkedin marketing team is ranked No1 in the world, so if you want to market commercial property using the social media, we are the consultants to speak to.

If you want to secure community support or sell homes fast, you will find we are the most effective property marketing agency in the UK.


For more information social media engagement team, please speak to Elspeth Brown.