It can take a lifetime to build the reputation of a brand but it can be destroyed in seconds by the pen of a ruthless journalist, the careless words of a thoughtless director, the reckless action of an unthinking employee or the outspoken criticism of an unhappy client.

No brand is immune and no brand can afford to take its good name for granted.

That’s why so many property companies entrust reputation protection and brand management to Only Property.

As one of the UK’s leading property marketing agencies, we know how to build property brands and, just as importantly, we know how to defend them.

When it comes to brand protection, the starting point is monitoring the press, broadcast media and internet for unfair and unjust comment in the form of newspaper or magazine articles, TV or radio reports, website articles or discussion forum comments.

We offer round-the-clock press, broadcast and internet monitoring services where we scan thousands of internet platforms, classifying references as brand positive, neutral or negative.

When it comes to brand protection, negative comments can obviously be of particular concern and we are ready to swing into immediate action if the situation warrants it.

Sometimes we calm situations down, sorting out issues before they ignite. On other occasions we rebut unfair comments from journalists, thought leaders, pranksters or the downright malicious.

Occasionally we threaten legal action but comments made in the heat of a moment can last forever on the internet.

That’s when our digital experts get to work, taking action to remove or reduce the visibility of negative comments on the internet. Out of sight is out of mind in this digital age.


For further information about our brand defence and property brand management services, please contact Chris Gilmour or Elspeth Brown on 0800 612 9890 or visit our specialist website Only Crisis.