As a property marketing agency we have managed more than a few crisis situations for property brands.

In fact, we have probably managed every property crisis imaginable:

  • Construction site deaths
  • Director disputes in property company boardrooms
  • Houses built on contaminated land
  • Apartment blocks built in the wrong place
  • Shareholder revolts within property companies
  • Construction businesses going bust
  • House buyers campaigning over shoddy workmanship
  • Public buildings costing multiples of the initial estimate
  • Construction projects running years behind schedule
  • British construction workers losing jobs to overseas craftsmen
  • Sex scandals within property companies
  • Employee pay disputes
  • Fatal accident inquiries and litigious court cases

In most instances we have kept a lid on the property crisis, avoiding unwanted coverage in the press and media.

Where that has not been possible, we have quickly brought matters to a conclusion avoiding further damage to our clients’ property brands.

There are two main reasons why we are effective at managing crisis situations in the property sector:

  1. We are property specialists
  2. We are media specialists

Our team includes more former journalists than any property marketing agency in the world and that gives our clients a distinct advantage.

Because we know how journalists think and act, that allows us to bring closure to crisis situations before they get out of hand.

If you would like more information about our crisis PR team, we are available 24/7 on our crisis communications hotline 0800 612 9890. Alternatively you can email Chris Gilmour who heads up Only’s crisis management team.