Content marketing should be one of the most effective weapons in your property marketing arsenal but, alas, many property brands have not woken up to its power, influence and reach.

We suspect that’s because property marketing has traditionally been direct and in your face rather than subtle and sublime.

Content marketing is understated because it relies, to a large extent, on prospects finding you rather than you hunting them down.

Because it depends on people discovering news and conversations around your property developments for themselves, or receiving a recommendation from a trusted friend, it can be more commercially effective than more aggressive property marketing techniques.

As one of the UK’s leading property marketing agencies, we are at the forefront of:

  • Developing content for prospective property clients to discover…videos, online articles, print media, property guides, web pages, social media content…the list is endless
  • Distributing the content on lots of different media platforms
  • Making content to go viral by encouraging people in the know to pass the info on to friends and colleagues
  • Driving prospects to specially designed websites or webpages for more information or to arrange site visits
  • Measuring the impact of content marketing campaigns in terms of website visits and the commercial payback

If you’ve not tried content marketing for your properties, we reckon you will be surprised at the results.


For further information about our content marketing services, please contact Elspeth Brown on 0800 612 9890.