When it comes to property marketing - we have the most dynamic and successful team in the sector.

We provide an extensive range of PR and marketing services to the biggest names in real estate.

We offer everything from advertising to web marketing and media buying to branding.

What sets us apart is our intimate knowledge of the property sector and what motives people and companies to buy or lease land, homes, retail units or commercial premises.

Here is a list of the headline marketing services we provide. Please get in touch if you need more information.


We offer the full range of advertising services across the entire media spectrum - print to broadcast and outdoor to internet.

Brand Protection

We defend and protect brands in the traditional and digital media. We kill negative stories dead and we get untruthful reports removed from the web.


We create long lasting brands and we refresh established brands that need pepped up. Brands are much more than a logo and we are renowned for creating and building property brands that strengthen the commercial value of a brand.

Call Services

Our call centres in Scotland and Essex are waiting to receive your call for community consultation and customer care campaigns.

Communications Strategies

We devise communications strategies that will help you secure planning permission or secure buyers or renters for your latest development. Our strategies embrace the printed and broadcast media and, of course, the web.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a subtle but effective property marketing tool. The secret of its power lies in the prospect discovering your housing or commercial development rather than you hunting down the prospect. We create enticing content and make sure it is found on a plethora of marketing channels.


Need help writing text for a brochure, website, news release, newsletter or annual report? We can help. We have the biggest and most talented copywriting team in the country.

Crisis Management

We take the heat out of crisis situations in the press, media and internet. We manage everything from construction site deaths to major redundancy announcements. We never talk about the incidents we manage each and every day because we stop most of them entering the public domain.

Database Management

We create brand property databases from scratch and we cleanse and manage existing databases to ensure optimum returns from email and direct marketing campaigns.

Direct Marketing

We go much further than direct mail or email campaigns. Our direct marketing campaigns can also embrace social media marketing, SMS texting and word-of-mouth promotions.

Employee Communications

Companies spend huge sums on external communications - wise companies also invest in internal communications. We can devise and implement an internal communications programme that will make your people the most motivated in the industry.

Event Management

If you need to make a lasting impression with staff, clients, buyers, customers or agents, we can create and manage the perfect event. We handle everything from theme, venue, invitations, staging, food and entertainment. When it comes to organising perfect events, we are the Only show in town.

Exhibition Services

We offer a turnkey exhibition service that includes sourcing the venue, designing the displays, producing the literature, inviting your audience and manning the event.


We host scores of client websites on our secure, best of class servers. By choosing us to host your website you get peace of mind knowing clients will find your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Internet Marketing

The internet is now the most important platform for the property sector. We develop and implement sophisticated digital marketing strategies that embrace everything from website design to pay-per-click and search engine optimisation to social media marketing.

Internet Monitoring

We monitor tens of thousands of websites, social media sites and chat forums in real time each and every day. We can alert you immediately if negative reports and comments are appearing and we can moderate what is being said to protect your brand on the web.

Linkedin Marketing

We lead the way when it comes to using Linkedin for property marketing. For instance, we use Linkedin to help property clients identify potential tenants for commercial developments. You will discover more about our Linkedin property marketing expertise at our dedicated website Only Linkedin


We produce print and digital literature that connects with hearts and minds. It looks great, reads well and leaves a lasting impression. We produce everything from annual reports to brochures and leaflets to newspapers. We ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

Media Buying

Our media buying team is outstanding. We secure the best rates, deliver superior service and select the right media.

Media Relations

We employ a large team of former journalists. As a result we have excellent contacts in the press, media and internet and we are dab hands when it comes to writing word-perfect news releases and selling them into journalists.

Mystery Shopper

How good are your sales teams? Our mystery shoppers can visit your sites or contact your staff by phone to give you the low down. We can help you boost staff performance and customer satisfaction.

News Releases

Our team of trained journalists are on hand to produce professionally-written news releases which are hyperlinked to drive readers to relevant sections on your website.


When it comes to pay-per-click, we reckon we are the best in the business. We don't use robots or software to manage our campaigns - we use people who will outsmart automated systems any day.

Press Office Services

We provide press office services - fulltime, part-time or occasional. We can be your 24/7 press office team or we can cover during holidays, evenings or when you are away from your desk.

Public Relations

We have the best property PR team in the country. We are exceptional for three reasons:

  1. We know the property sector inside out
  2. We are equally at home with the web or traditional media
  3. Many of the team are trained journalists, so grabbing the headlines is second nature

Search Engine Optimisation

Lots of agencies claim they will get your website to the top of the search engines - we always deliver. Our link building and on-page optimisation campaigns will ensure you stand out on the web if you are selling or letting property.

Social Media Marketing

If you have doubts about the commercial value of the social media - speak to us. We integrate social media marketing with the wider marketing mix to create promotional campaigns that deliver amazing commercial results.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our communications team will help you engage intellectually and emotionally with all your stakeholders using the media channels they are most comfortable with - be they traditional or digital.

Website Design and Build

We don't just build websites, we build stunning-looking websites that will stand out on the search engines and capture the contact details of your visitors.