We are a community consulation agency, and we have been spearheading neighbourhood consultations in support of planning applications for more than a decade.

In that time we have conducted stakeholder engagement campaigns on everything from large infrastructure projects to significant housing developments.

A positive response from a neighbourhood consultation will obviously enhance your chances of securing planning permission.

A negative response, on the other hand, could wreck your plans and leave you severely out of pocket.

There are community positives and neighbourhood negatives in almost every planning application.

Likewise, there are people who support your vision and others who will oppose it – people who will welcome change and people who want everything to remain the same.

Unfortunately, the most vociferous are usually those who oppose change and they often shout their opposition from the rooftops while the silent majority remain mute.

At Only Property, we move the odds of success in your favour by getting to know the local community and the political environment.

By getting close to local people and key influencers, we can identify the groups that matter, the councillors and officials whose views count, and the contentious issues that must be dealt with.

With stakeholder mapping and our public affairs strategy in place, we can begin engaging with the local community, selling the benefits of proposed developments - the new amenities, the improved environment, the jobs it will create, the homes it will provide.

At the same time, we mobilise the silent majority as well as visible supporters by reaching out to them through whatever medium they are comfortable with.

Face-to-face conversations, exhibitions, public meetings, media relations, leaflet drops and surveys are all part of our community consultation arsenal.

So too are the digital channels – websites, SEO, PPC, video, email, social media outreach, chat forums, internet surveys and mobile.

When it comes to presenting our findings to councillors, we know only too well that they take decisions not just on a planning level but on an emotional level as well.

That’s why our reports and presentations reach the hearts and the minds of decision makers by highlighting the advantages and demonstrating widespread community support.


If you would like to know more about our public consultation services, please contact Elspeth Brown on 0800 612 9890.