When it comes to planning applications, effective communication can be the difference between success and failure. Getting the right messages to the right people eases the planning process and makes commercial sense.

We create and implement bespoke strategies for each development. Each strategy is relevant to location, the site's surroundings, the development proposals, local decision makers and influencers. It will always fit hand in glove with your objectives, timescales, budget and expectations.

The strategy may include liaison with opinion formers and decision makers, local community groups or businesses and statutory consultees. Our tactics involve briefings, presentations, site tours, workshops, meetings, brochures, websites and online activities, public exhibitions and effective media relations.

Early involvement by the team is highly recommended - too often we are called in when the situation has reached crisis point with the majority of decision makers opposed to the scheme and local anti-campaign groups have been established.

By working with a planning team from the outset, a level of trust can be established with local stakeholders to mitigate negative views and win hearts and minds in order to smooth the planning process.

We offer a one-stop-shop for developers and landowners. Our services include:

  • Messaging workshops
  • Campaign planning
  • Public affairs strategy and implementation
  • Political and media audits
  • Communications strategy
  • Issues preparation
  • Crisis management
  • Stakeholder & influencer identification and mapping
  • Structured contact programmes with political audiences
  • Production of effective communications and marketing materials - online and print
  • Community consultation
  • Internet strategy
  • Media relations
  • Media training
  • Exhibition and public meeting management
  • Information brochures, literature and newsletters
  • Website design and build
  • Internet-based consultation
  • Brand creation
  • Advertising
  • Media buying
  • Direct mail
  • Community call centre services

We ensure that communications, consultation and public affairs work hand-in-glove with your business strategy in order to achieve success.

Process Driven Preparation & Implementation

We create tailor-made communication and consultation campaigns to ensure that developments are met with approval and enthusiasm rather than opposition. Effective communications smoothes the planning process and significantly increases the odds of securing planning approval.  

A bespoke communications strategy is created and implemented for every development but it always includes a 10 point plan covering:

  1. Review of national and local consultation requirements
  2. Client workshop to agree objectives, messages and strategy
  3. Issues preparation and stakeholder identification, mapping, research and audit
  4. Creation and implementation of a detailed public affairs strategy
  5. Creation and implementation of a precise public consultation strategy
  6. Media engagement plan and media/online monitoring
  7. Feedback review which can lead to changes to submission, where appropriate
  8. Delivery of a robust statement of community involvement as part of the planning application
  9. Planning Committee preparation
  10. Ongoing media relations, consultation and public affairs to sustain goodwill