When it comes to neighbourhood engagement, it helps if your community consultation agency has experience of operating in your sector.

At Only Property, our team has spearheaded community consultation campaigns across multiple sectors and we know from long experience that community consultation is not a job for rookies.

Time and again we have proved that it pays rich dividends to have a property communications team on board who have been over the territory before.

Nothing beats experience! Experienced consultants know in advance the issues you are likely to face, the problems that may cross your path and the opportunities that may open up.

Here is a short synopsis of our community consultation experience. The list is not exhaustive but it will give you a flavour of our property specialisms.

Business Parks

Because the UK is a service-driven economy, Only Property has handled more than its fair share of community consultations for business parks in England, Scotland and Wales.

We know only too well that planning approval is not a given just because office developments bring much needed jobs to a local community.

We realise the importance of building a good case and communicating strong and convincing arguments in a reasoned and well-presented manner.


When it comes to the energy sector, you name it, we’ve done it…petrochemical plants, power stations, wind and solar energy farms

While everyone accepts the need for the UK to invest in energy generation, few of us want power stations or wind farms in our own back yard.

That’s why community consultation has to be sensitive and community communications has to be subtle and convincing.

Over the years we have played a leading role in getting local people and local authorities onside for every type of energy project.


We have a housing shortage in the UK but securing planning permission can be tedious and, on occasions, downright frustrating.

We have helped steer through countless planning applications for housing developments.

Our clients range include developers, large and small, house builders, local authorities, housing associations and Government departments.


Britain may no longer be the workshop of the world but large manufacturing plants are still required.

These plants have to be sighted beside a readily-available workforce. In other words, in and around our towns and cities.

We have valuable experience of conducting community consultation campaigns for the biggest industrial complexes in the UK.


Large infrastructure projects can often be contentious, attracting vociferous opposition from environmental activists, political factions and highly motivated community groups.

When it comes to infrastructure, taking control from day one is essential. That’s why communications planning needs to cover all angles such as the local community, politicians, the press and media, historical societies and environmental groups. The list can be endless.

It is a time-consuming process but the investment in creating an effective communications and consultation strategy is well worth it.

Securing planning permission is, of course, only the first hurdle then comes the development phase which can impact communities and cause disruption for years at a time.

When it comes to large infrastructure projects, the secret during both the planning and construction phases is effective two-way communications.

That’s where we come in. We can work with you to listen, educate and communicate strategies that explain the rationale, highlight the benefits and take the wind out of the sails of opposition campaigns before they result in a barrage of negative coverage in the press and media.

The team at Only Property has been at the forefront of infrastructure planning, rolling out communications campaigns for some of the biggest and most contentious infrastructure projects in Britain.

We understand the importance of diplomacy and the wisdom of flexibility.

We know that communications strategies have to connect with the heart and the mind of those we seek to influence and only by understanding the standpoint of those opposed to a particular infrastructure scheme we can develop robust and convincing arguments in support of it.


We all have more time to enjoy leisure pursuits than previous generations and that, of course, has spurred a rash of leisure developments across the UK – holiday parks, yacht marinas, theme parks, indoor ski centres, golf courses and football stadiums to name but a few.

We can help you get the ball in the net each and every time. 


We have worked all over the UK on town and city centre regeneration schemes demonstrating to local people that life after regeneration will be much better than life before.


Most of us love to shop and we have spearheaded community consultations for many of the biggest destination shopping centres in the UK.

One of the reasons why we have been so active is because retailers and retail developers realise we have an intimate understanding of the retail sector – not just the planning procedures that surround it.

You may want to check out our specialist retail marketing website Only Retail to see the length, breadth and depth of our experience.

Waste Disposal & Water Treatment

Waste disposal and water treatment are big business. We have worked extensively in this sector with large corporations, visionary developers and public sector operators.


For further information about our property sector expertise, please contact Elspeth Brown on 0800 612 9890.